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A Documentary Film
24 countries.  174 hospitals.  65 international healthcare experts
1 documentary film that compares / contrasts healthcare around the world



“Every time I walk past a homeless person on the street, my first thought is, ‘Gosh we are all just one tragedy away from being in those shoes’. It takes one accident. One perhaps seemingly small incident could put us in those exact same shoes. The fear in me…is that it is mostly those crisis scenarios that would put me in that bed or emergency room where I need the best care in the world which is why I tolerate the system in this country that I don’t support and I don’t advocate but I am dependent on it.”


- Kelli Tea, Corporate Executive, US

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You’re not feeling well. Logic dictates you make an appointment with the doctor and your primary care physician refers you to a specialist. Depending upon your insurance, you may have a limited number of doctors participating in your network plan which could lead to a weeks or months – long wait for care. Or, you’ve already had a hospital stay and signed your name to dozens of pages of admissions forms only to realize what you signed for when a 5-figure bill arrives for charges considered outside of your coverage and not paid for by insurance. Or, you’re feeling worse now that you’ve received medical care.
“GAUZE: Unraveling Global Healthcare” takes you on our journey to uncover the BEST in healthcare around the globe. 
Become a part of a movement for better healthcare for all...

About the Filmmaker

Suzanne Garber

Filmmaker and Author

Suzanne Garber has been featured in the NY Times, USA Today, US News & World Report, and BusinessWeek, amongst others, and has spoken at dozens of international association conferences focusing on risk mitigation, disaster recovery, medical and security networks, and globalization. Suzanne serves on the boards of several for profit, humanitarian and association organizations.

A longtime advocate for increased access to quality care based upon her personal healthcare struggles, she embarked on a journey to uncover what constitutes 'best' in healthcare through her first documentary film, "GAUZE: Unraveling Global Healthcare."


A dual US-EU citizen who has lived in 8 countries and traveled to 100+ countries and all 7 continents, Suzanne holds a master's degree with honors from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA with honors in foreign languages from Rutgers University. A two-time cancer survivor, Suzanne splits her time between Philadelphia and Miami with her husband, Christopher, a US Army veteran, entrepreneur and champion martial artist, who is a saint to put up with her global wanderings.

“I think the best healthcare system in the world is still yet to be created. But overall, the best healthcare system would be one that would offer transparent healthcare, high levels of patient safety and quality all at a good price. That is still waiting to happen.”

-- Paulo Moreira, International Medical Journal Editor, Portugal

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