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Scheduled Showings

Apr 24, 2017

Opatija, Croatia

International Medical Tourism Journal Summit

European Premiere for the documentary "Gauze: Unraveling Global Healthcare".


May 30, 2017

Philadelphia, PA

Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania

Private screening of "Gauze- Unraveling Global Healthcare", a documentary. Tickets available via 

Jun 14, 2017

San Francisco, CA

Duty of Care Managing Corporate Travel Risks

Marines Memorial Club

Jun 23, 2017

Princeton, NJ

Women in Healthcare and Government

Private event held for Fox Rothschild LLP

Oct 05, 2017

Philadelphia, PA

The Union League

Exclusive screening of "Gauze: Unraveling Global Healthcare" to Union League Members.

Oct 26, 2017

Washington, DC

Duty of Care 2017

Duty to Inform and Prepare Keeping the Global Workforce Safe in this Unpredictable World

Nov 07, 2017

Barcelona, Spain

International Travel Insurance Conference

International Travel Insurance Conference

Nov 15, 2017

Philadelphia, PA

Global Temple Conference

The 12th annual Global Temple Conference is a day-long symposium on November 15th  designed to explore and celebrate Temple’s wide array of international work, promoting globalization as one of Temple's core values. The conference will be held at Temple University's Howard Gittis Student Center.

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Suzanne Garber

Written By

Suzanne Garber

Anre Garrett


Anre Garrett

Executive Producers

Suzanne Garber

Christopher Garber


Christopher Garber


Cedric Arnold -- Thailand

Roby Raj -- India

Brian Pascale -- US

Luigi Benvisto -- US, UK, France

Gabriel Pimenta -- US

Pablo Cubarle -- US

Matt DelVecchio -- US

Original Music by

Pablo Cubarle

Ryan Rosen

British Balcony Song by



Pablo Cubarle

Field Sound

Nana D. Kufuor -- US

Sound Editor

Pablo Cubarle

Production Assistant

Liam Morgan -- Thailand

Assistant Camera

Alex J. -- India

Akheesh R. -- India

Line Production

Lo Hanzo Films -- India


Pablo Cubarle


Maya Cubarle

Production Company

Hard Headed Media


Andres Jurado, Director, My Medical Vacations                                                                                                                 Mexico
Anil Kumar MD, Professor of Cardiology                                                                                                                                 India
Anup R. Warrier MD, Department of Infectious Diseases                                                                                                      India

Art Hiranyakas MD, Colorectal Surgeon                                                                                                                           Thailand
Asia Medical Specialists                                                                                                                                                 Hong Kong

Aster MedCity Hospital                                                                                                                                                              India
Bayview Hospital                                                                                                                                                                Barbados      Belize Medical Associates
Beth Benta, Integrative Wellness Coach

Brad Cook, Medical Tours Costa Rica

Bupa Cromwell Hospital

Canossa Hospital
Carine Hilaire, France Surgery
Carolyn Saldi, Patient
CHIN, Pak Lin MD, Orthopedic Specialist
Clinica Esperanza
Clinique de l'Union
Deborah Peixoto, American Hospital of Paris
Dilip Panikar MD, Neurosurgeon
Eliseo Camagay Jr. MD, Assistant Medical Director

George Davis MD, Saudi German Hospital Gleneagles Hospital
Gokul Prem Kumar, Yashoda Hospital
Gracy Mathai, Chief of Quality
Harish Pillai MD, Aster MedCity Hospital
Hospital Moinhos de Vento
J L Fraysse, SADIR Assistance
Jan Halle MD, Clinical Associate Professor
Jason Brockwell MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
Jean Kany MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Jerome Essig MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
Josef Woodman, Patients Beyond Borders
Joseph N. France General Hospital
Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital
Keith Pollard, International Medical Travel Journal
Kelli Tanghare, Pharmaceutical Executive
Kenneth Mays, Bumrungrad Hospital
Kevin Power, The Good Health Network
Korea International Medical Association
Korpong Rookkapan MD, Bumrungrad Hospital
Lynn Ricot, Attorney
Mack Banner, Retired Hospital CEO
Marty Makary MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Matilda Hospital
Md. Eduardo Loya Cortes, Hospital Galenia
Medica San Miguel
Medical Tours Costa Rica
Michel Boussaton MD, Regional Counsel
Mitch Gyger, Business Owner
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
Northwest Independent Hospital
Olivia Laviada, Hospital Galenia
Olivier Thuillart, SADIR Assistance
Paul Angelchik MD, Traverse Global Health
Paul Leophonte, Toulouse Medical University
Paulo Moreira, International Journal of Healthcare Management

Philadelphia Film Office
Rafael Soler, Get Better in Spain
Raffles Hospital
Rajesh Rao, IndUS Health
Ralph Weber, MediBid
Rebecca Allaigre, American Hospital of Paris
Robert Navrotski, Patient
Ruttonjee & Tan Shiu Kin Hospitals
Sandra Carrion, Business Executive
Santa Casa de Misericordia Healthcare
Sarah Otaru, Government of Nigeria
Schneider Medical Center
Shaun O'Brien, AFL-CIO
St. Maarten Medical Center
St. Vincent's University Hospital
Stephen P. Kelly,CEO, ELAP Services
Sue Matthews, Royal Women's Hospital
Sybil Martial, Tapion Hospital
Taipei Medical University Healthcare System
TAN, Jee Lin MD, JL Sports Medicing
Tania Lazo, CostaMed Hospital
Tapion Hospital
Vanessa Marzan, Auxilio Mutuo Hospital
Vijay Jayakrishman MD, Department of Clinical Radiology Vijay Mohan MD, Orthopedic Consultant
Wattahaphol Phipathananunth MD, Cardiologist Wellington Hospital

Winyou Ratanachai MD, Orthopedic Surgeon Thailand 

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